Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Rock of Gibraltar and Tarifa, one more time

Airstrip separating Gibraltar from Spain
Pillars of Hercules
We spent our last week in Spain visiting our favorite beach near Tarifa one more time as well as stopping off for an afternoon in the British-centric Rock of Gibraltar. We were fortunate to immediately find a tour that showed us the highlights of the place on an extremely muggy and hot day. These included St. Michael's cave as well as other boy-friendly attractions like tunnels, cannons and the ever present free-range monkeys (very friendly as long as you let them approach you). Our guide Paul gave us very interesting background info and history on the area and we ended the day eating fish and chips at Roy's Cod Place.  

Watching Spain vs. Portugal in the
Eurocup semi-finals
Clark monkeying around
The next few days were spent at the beach. Although it was almost windy enough to sail (lots of kiteboarders), Nat surprisingly wasn't tempted to get out on the water but we did build the requisate sand fort complete with 100 year wall and the boys spent loads of time in the pool, on the beach and in between the two. We watched the Euro-cup semi-final (Spain vs. Portugal) in the hotel bar along with 30 or so other rapid fans rooting for Spain (Spain won!).

Roman ruins of Bolonia
The next day we went to nearby Bolonia, which is an amazing place with Roman ruins next to a picturesque beach with white sand dunes along the southern coast of Spain. Gorgeous place, although the boys would have been happier staying at the pool.

The next few weeks will be filled with more travel before our return home to the Pacific Northwest of the United States. Although we're looking forward to the familiarity of home, it's certainly difficult to say goodbye to the life and friends we have made here.

Onward to Paris, the Alps and Amsterdam, and then Seattle....

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